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E9 mission - our commitment to our customers

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Our commitment to our customers can be summed up in our E9 mission:


Strive to be more than a partner. We will have the most knowledgeable and experienced team (both inside the organization as well as customer facing) who will ultimately help deliver value to our customers through constant education, sharing, and industry involvement.


Status Quo is unacceptable. We will continue to redefine ourselves, in ways that larger organizations just can't do, to deliver new ideas and solutions to our customers. Staying on top of the ever-changing science behind coatings technology is a driving force in our product evolution. We are not bound by short-term corporate initiatives or financial targets and thus we choose to dedicate our resources to develop products and services that are truly market driven.


Our industry-recognized team is viewed as a premier resource for everything from product knowledge and trouble-shooting to new product trends. We strive to be first in class in our respective fields of focus. We are known across industries as partners and problem solvers, distancing ourselves from the competitors by our dedication to the craft.


Our customer-first attitude, ability to make decisions quickly, minimized bureaucracy, and ability to focus on the right things to enhance the customer experience will allow us to outperform larger, less nimble competitors. We adapt and enhance your current production environment through developing precise products and procedures to improve quality, efficiencies, and cost.


Commitment to:

  • Constantly push against conventional thinking to look at new ideas and abide by our "Yes We Can" philosophy to enhance the customer experience.
  • Take smart risks in the spirit of evolving, learn from the process, and consistently live on the edge of experiencing and exploring failure so we can benefit vastly on how to teach and develop more sustainable coating technologies.
  • Helping our customers through failures and challenges. This is where we excel past our corporate "in the box" competitors.


Connect with our customers on the deepest of levels to gain insight into cutting edge market needs. Connect with our people internally to create a work environment that not only our people can be proud of, but others seek out to be a part of our team.


Customers will seek us out over the competitors because of consistent, positive interactions with our teams that exceed even their expectations. Internally, our people will become accustomed to creating and being a part of world-class solutions and will ultimately self-elevate their own performance driven by a sense of belonging and accomplishment.


We build great products, systems, and solutions to keep our company relevant and to keep our customers on the leading edge of market competiveness. Product innovation is driven by balancing coating efficiency with customer expectation to deliver a solution where both partners win. Every customer has their own unique coating requirement which, when fine­-tuned, will bring ultimate value and quality to their business. Our ability to always lead with thoughtfully engineered solutions will keep both our customers, and our organization, in a strong position.


We view the environment through two very distinct lenses. First: As good stewards, as a valued community member, and so that this business can thrive for generations to come, we make environmentally sound decisions an integral part of everything we do. Second: We will push members of our organization to be collaborative, yet respectful, despite differences in functional responsibility. The betterment of the organization will ultimately drive overall behavior.